Referral Software- Ambassador

Ambassador is relationship marketing software. It was founded as Zferral Inc. in 2009. Ambassador enables any company to easily track, manage & reward their partners for referring customers.

Disclaimer: links in this post are affiliate links. This means we may get a commission at no cost to you if you choose to make a purchase.

Metrics include shares, clicks, conversions, revenue and clicks per share.

Commission and Payments

The commissions can be a flat amount or a one-time or recurring percentage of the revenue. Rewards may include cash, points, products, discounts, or other non-monetary items.  Cash payout methods include gift cards, PayPal (via your account) or Simple Fulfillments (via Ambassador’s PayPal account).

You can enable the option to automatically approve commissions or approve and denied them manually.

Segments allow you to group your ambassadors into different categories and determine who will have access to private campaigns.


Ambassador doesn’t provide pricing on their website. Unfortunately, I have not received a reply to my emails. As I believe a response rate and reliable customer service are important when choosing an affiliate software, lack of response raises a red flag.

Ambassador Portal Overview

In the Ambassador Portal partners can check earned and pending commissions, access the sharing link, and brand assets.


The main dashboard includes an activity feed and a module to quickly share a unique referral link via email or social media channels.


This section shows the number of shares and clicks on a referral link, the number of referrals and commissions.


This section shows a list of customer referrals, commissions earned and the status of commissions.


Commissions that have been approved and paid out will be displayed here.


This section includes assets. Ambassadors can copy the HTML snippet to add it to their websites, The assets already include a unique referral link to properly track rewards.