Affiliate Manager Job Description

Affiliate Role

The affiliate manager is responsible for identifying potential partners and ongoing communication with existing affiliates. This person develops a partner program strategy and monitors and analyses KPI’s.

Some of the tasks below can be delegated to other people (e.g. content marketers or affiliate acquisition specialists). The job description depends on the company structure, the size of the partner program team and the partner program manager’s skills,

The Job Role:

Affiliate acquisition

  • Searching and identifying potential affiliates
  • Recognising potential partners among clients
  • Performing various marketing activities to promote partner program (on social media, forums, etc)
  • Adding info on partner program to affiliate directories


  • Developing partner program strategy and defining KPI’s
  • Content management (writing copy or preparing creative briefs for the content team) for newsletters, system emails, partner sign up landing page, blog
  • Working closely with a graphic designer
  • Preparing promotional assets for partners such as ready-to-use banner, text, screenshots
  • Monitoring competitors’ affiliate campaigns and promotions
  • Keeping affiliates up to date on program and product enhancements

Daily partner program management

  • Ongoing communication with partners (replying to e-mails, follow-ups)
  • Monitoring of partner activities and performance, including transactions check (fraud risk, unusual activities)
  • Identifying new active partners, potential opportunities to co-marketing, case studies, etc
  • Monitoring affiliate activity to ensure affiliate compliance with company policies and brand guidelines in all online channels
  • Making sure everything is tracked correctly
  • Paying affiliates

Product management (for in-house partner programs)

  • Researching market trends
  • Defining business needs and writing specifications of the partner program
  • Prioritising tasks
  • Coordinating work of developers, UX designers, graphic designers, software testers, content specialists
  • Testing
  • Evaluating and validating affiliates needs and requirements
  • Developing new functionalities