Tidio Affiliate Program

Tidio Affiliate Program offers 20% lifetime recurring commission.

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Affiliate Program Details:

Commission: 20% lifetime, recurring

Note: In case when a Referred Client purchases Tidio in annual plan, you will receive commission after a three months period of time of customers purchase if this customer will not cancel the subscription during this time.

Any euro denomination Referral Fees will be converted into US dollars for payment via PayPal or Stripe, using the real mid-market rate on the last business day of each month as the currency exchange rate.

Payment Method: PayPal

Minimum Payout: $50, monthly payments

Cookies lifetime: 45 days

Assets: Logos, videos, Tweets, Facebook posts

Tip: Tidio Affiliate Program offers a variety of images and ready-to-use text. However, I wouldn’t suggest using any promotional assets that start with “I” on your website and social media channels unless you can confirm the information and numbers with your results. Fake reviews (like “it helped increase my sales 65%”) can ruin your reputation as an expert.

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Reports: You can check the number of clicks, conversion to paid accounts, sources and payments history. Unfortunately, only the paid versions will show up as a conversion. You won’t be able to check how many people signed up for a free Tidio account which is a big disadvantage in the SaaS partner programs.

Approval: Manual verification

Platform: Tapfiliate

Sign up for Tidio Affiliate Program here

You don’t need to be Tidio’s client to be their affiliate. There is a dedicated portal for partners to check the stats and referrals, but they do not provide any articles or case studies.

About Tidio

Tidio is a live chat software boosted with chatbots.

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  • Free 0€ /month – up to 3 users for a lifetime
  • Communicator 15€ /month for 3 operators and 10€ for any further operator
  • Chatbots Package 15€ /month for 5000 unique users