X-Cart Affiliate Program

X-Cart Affiliate ProgramWith X-Cart Affiliate Program you can make up to 15% recurring commission. You can withdraw your commission or use it to pay for X-Cart products.

Commission: 5% up to 15% recurring commission depending on the product:

  • X-Cart 4/5 license 15%
  • X-Payments license 15%
  • Modules 15%
  • Design/SPD services 10% for initial payment, 5% for subsequent orders
  • Subscription-based modules (+ renewal) 15%
  • X-Payments subscription (+ renewal) 15%
  • Hosting subscription (+ renewal) 7%
  • Tech support (+ renewal) 7%
  • Premium tech support (+ renewal) 7%

Payment method

We can withdraw your commission via bank transfer or PayPal .

You can also use your commission to purchase the software and services offered by X-Cart. If your balance is not enough to purchase products or services, you can pay partly with your affiliate commission and partly with a credit card.

Minimum payout: USD 300

X-Cart will withhold payment of referral fees until they are cleared. All orders for the previous month are automatically cleared on the 25th day of the next month.

The commission will be paid within 30 calendar days after your request.

Cookie lifetime: 6 months

Attribution rule: the First link counts.  An affiliate whos link a client clicked first gets a commission. Clients can also enter an affiliate code when signing up for an account.

Assets: only small logos and banners

Reports: An affiliate program section is one of the modules in the client’s portal and it’s very basic. X-Cart provides only information on sales.

Disclaimer: links in this post are affiliate links. I may get a commission at no cost to you if you click a link to visit this merchant’s website and make a purchase.

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