Things to Consider Before Joining a SaaS Affiliate Program

How to choose SaaS affiliate program

Things to Consider Before Joining a SaaS Affiliate Program

Can you recommend an affiliate program worth promoting? Where can I find high commission affiliate programs? These are some of the most common questions asked by the affiliates that are getting started. Most of the merchants promise high earnings and products that are easy to sell. Learn how to pick the partner programs to join and the main characteristics of the SaaS affiliate programs.


Although commission rate is important (after all you want to make money), it shouldn’t be a deciding factor. If you’re going to choose between two similar products, it makes sense to choose the one with a higher and recurring offer. However, there are many other factors you should consider.

High level of customer service

Make sure a support team will take care of your referred customers. What’s their client onboarding process? Do they offer 24/7 support? What are the available support channels? Are the agents nice and competent? What’s their response time? The best way to check it is to sign up for a free trial and ask some questions about the product. In affiliate marketing, an affiliate usually doesn’t know personally recommended clients. That means that once they have signed up for an account, it’s the merchant’s job to convert them into paying customers and keep them happy.

Dedicated dashboard

Choose programs that provide transparent reports. In a partner panel, you should be able to find detailed info on your referred customers, their transactions, information on your affiliate link performance. The analytical mind is essential in affiliate marketing. You should be able to track, monitor and adjust your activities.

Dedicated partner manager

Having a dedicated partner manager can save your time and bring great results faster. This person succeeds when you succeed so don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions on the promotional methods or tips on how to promote their product best. Building strong relationships will benefit both of you. It can also lead to additional opportunities, for example, cross-promotion, blog post swaps, etc.

Payment method and minimum payout

The most popular payment methods are bank transfer and PayPal. Always make sure that a withdrawal method is available in your country and it won’t be a hassle to get your earnings. Check the frequency of payment and minimum withdrawal threshold. Are you ok with getting paid one every three months or do you like flexibility and want to get paid on request? Is the minimum payout easy to reach?

Marketing resources

Depending on the promotional methods you use, you will need ready-to-use marketing assets such as a logo in various sizes, banners, screenshots, coupon codes. They should be provided in your partner panel.

Deep linking/ campaign generator

The easiest way to track the results from various is to use separate links (with custom URL parameters). Ability to create campaigns and advance reports will help you decide which strategies work.

Terms and conditions

Always get familiar with the terms and conditions before applying for the programs. Not all of them allow Google Ads, so if that’s your preferred method, a merchant can void your commission and close your partner account when you breach the terms.

Good quality product

Don’t promote products and services that you wouldn’t buy. Promoting poor quality product is an easy way to lose a reputation. When choosing a product, don’t rely too much on the most popular online ranking as often the business that pays more moves to the top. If you are not familiar with the industry, take the time to understand the products and main features. Read clients’ reviews and look for independent review websites that show not only pros but also cons.

Note: There is no such thing as perfect software. Different companies have different needs.

Products that match your niche

Last but not least. Identifying and targeting your audience is essential for every marketer. If you already have an audience, choose the products or services that will be in high demand by your audience. If you want to build an affiliate website around the selected product, make sure there is a demand for this solution. Take the time to understand the potential clients and their problems.

Make money with affiliate marketing

Make Money with SaaS Affiliate Programs

With SaaS affiliate programs you not only you can make money but also provide value to your audience. SaaS applications can solve any problems individuals and businesses may have.

Recurring commission

SaaS (Software as a Service) is delivered in a subscription model. Some merchants offer their affiliates a lifetime recurring commission. You will make money for as long as your referrals remain paying customers.

Note: The percentage itself shouldn’t be the main criterium when choosing SaaS to promote. Although 40% sounds more attractive than 20%, the commission can be higher in the second case. The final price the clients pay for SaaS depends on the plan and the number of users. The percentage won’t reflect the average order value, lifetime value, churn rate, etc. Choose high fixed fee if you prefer to get paid quickly and recurring commission to receive money for the lifetime of referred customers.

Cookies lifetime

SaaS vendors offer attractive cookies lifetime in their programs. If someone clicks your affiliate link, you will be assigned referrals for as long as they return to the merchant site and sign up for a trial within a specific period (for example 90 days). This explanation is valid for the programs where the trial defines who get the sell.

Note: Although 180 days cookies lifetime may sound more attractive than 90 days, it shouldn’t be important criterium when picking the program. A chance that a user don’t clean cookies or return to a merchant’s website after a couple of months is rather low.

Attractive products

As opposed to a traditional setup where software is stored locally, SaaS software is hosted in the cloud. A user purchases a licence; the SaaS vendor handles hosting, maintenance and troubleshooting. Some SaaS solutions can be set up within a couple of minutes. All you need is a device with an internet connection. SaaS gives more flexibility and comes handy when you work remotely. It can also be easily scaled. The barrier for entry is incredibly low or even free when a merchant offers a free trial.

There are plenty of types of SaaS you can choose from. Some examples are CRM, accounting, email Marketing, live chat, and many more. They solve a variety of problems that businesses of any sizes have.

More than just an affiliate marketing

Promoting an affiliate link is the simplest way to get started a relationship with a vendor. Your partnership can go way beyond a typical affiliate marketing activities. You can become a reseller (and set your price for the plans), technology partner, integration experts etc. Learn more about different types of partnership.

Wrapping up

Becoming a partner of SaaS vendors opens up opportunities to promote attractive applications that can bring value to the referred customers. You can earn a recurring commission for as long as they pay.